JEEN Releases ‘Gold Control’ Album Co-Produced with Ian Blurton, Highlighting Laid-Back Track “Pour Your Heart”

Hazy, heady, hedonistic and hopefulGold Control is JEEN’s fourth album this decade. The luminous ten tracker glides along the same trajectory as its predecessors while maintaining its own identity. Grunge. Garage. Psych-rock. Punk. Tinges of Shoegaze. Her influences continue to shine as she crafts them into her own vehicle with ease. 

She joined creative forces once again with long-time collaborator Canadian indie musician and producer
Ian Blurton who has taken the role of co-producer on JEEN’s last five albums. “Pour Your Heart” was the first song recorded for Gold Control, a laid-back track about searching for lights in the dark.

Take a deep dive. Settle in. Immerse yourself. It’ll be raucous and aggressive at some points and harmonious at others with promises of a soft landing.

Listen in here:


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