Lady Charles Releases New Single “Bedroom Pop” feat. Zoe Towne

“Bedroom Pop”, Lady Charles latest release featuring Zoe Towne, captures the essence of the early 2010’s indie music scene with its evocative sounds.

The song channels DIT creativity and the intimate, lo-fi sounds that defined an era where artists carved out their own spaces within the musical landscape, often from the comfort of their own bedroom.

“Bedroom Pop” tells a story rich in themes of discovering self, collaboration, and the darker realities of the music industry. Lady Charles delves into the main character’s journey, confronting issues of exploitation and the quest for autonomy in an industry where artistic integrity can be compromised.

“I have seen a lot of predatory behaviour aimed at young, talented artists, and I wanted to affirm that if you are finding yourself disrespected or worse, you do not owe anything to these types,” says Charles of the lyrics.

The song unfolds like an intimate conversation between friends, with each verse and chorus revealing layers of emotional depth. Zoe Towne’s vocals complement Lady Charles’ introspective lyrics.

Overall, “Bedroom Pop” represents a departure from Lady Charles usual style, incorporating a blend of major and minor 7th chords to create a harmonically rich and complex sound.

Saxophone refrains and a soulful guitar solo further enhance the song’s dreamy atmosphere which transports listeners to a realm where reality blurs with imagination.

“Bedroom Pop” is a compelling addition to Lady Charles repertoire.

Listen to “Bedroom Pop” now on Spotify.

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