Multi-Instrumental Magic: the dt’s ‘All In My Head’ Out Now!

Central Jersey-based band –The dt’s – David Cacciatore and Tom Losito –  challenge convention as they embrace a multitude of musical instruments, from guitar and bass to drums and piano, with unwavering reverence.


After first meeting at a local bar’s open mic, the duo performed together over the years, touring the US before establishing themselves as the dt’s in early 2020.

The duo was born out of an itch to start fresh and they began to collaborate, write, and record their music in their home studios. Snag any of their live performances and you’ll uncover them shifting harmoniously from rock to blues, to power pop and their modern pop sensibilities and wide array of vintage influences are key in their collective and individual songwriting skills. 

 The duo is not afraid to experiment all while incorporating their love of harmonies.Their debut EP “You With Me” was released in early 2022 to local and regional acclaim along with the latest single “Refresh” in late 2022. 

 Their newest release “All In My Head” encapsulates the anxieties that surround modern relationships, be they platonic or romantic. 

 But before the lyrics even materialized, a catchy, rhythmic melody took center stage. It had lay dormant until the tumultuous days of the pandemic hit. It was then that they embarked on a deep dive into songwriting, revisiting forgotten ideas —a set of pop chords that intertwined seamlessly was born. Tom added his signature vocal harmonies and guitar, courtesy of his trusty Raspberry Pearl Stratocaster. 

 The vocals took several iterations and it was thanks to the guidance of their producer, Joey Papa, that they found a flow that truly resonated with the song’s essence.

The foundation was laid down during a live studio performance, with Rob Jennings on bass and Frank Lettieri on drums. Synth experimentation came into play, elevating the track to a carefree and calm blend of dreamy pop infused with elements of contemporary pop, indie, and rock.

In the end, “All In My Head” stands as a testament to the modern-meets-vintage pop sound that the dt’s have honed and refined over the past year with their live band.

 “All In My Head” invites introspection, a song that will leave you contemplating the intricacies of human interaction. Stay tuned, for this single demands your attention.

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