Skofee Releases Surreal, Alt-Pop Concept Single “Wind Up Hero”

Abstract, alt-pop icon Skofee emerges with her dizzying, dance-inspired concept single “Wind Up Hero.” Fantasy embedded with notes of desert nostalgia makes for a surreal music video as Skofee rises above the vibrant backtrack as a pristine vocalist.

“Wind Up Hero” features contemporary discotheque layers of exuberant, groove-inspired, soundscapes that mesh seamlessly with Skofee’s powerhouse vocals. “Wind Up Hero” is a concept track inspired by someone who will never disappoint you and always comes to save the day regardless of their own personal distress. Skofee admits, “It addresses my tendency to emotionally drain myself in an effort to make space for someone else’s feelings.” The concept evolves into a distorted desert daydream featuring Skofee as the music video’s very own ‘wind up hero.’ She’s seen destructively dancing down the interstate in her sequined hero costume, checking into a horrific hotel room, and even portrayed as an animated bobblehead icon of her alter-ego. “Wind Up” is an eclectic, alt-pop fantasy that warns of the dangerous emotional risks we take to please the people we love.

Alt-pop phenom Skofee is originally from Wichita, Kansas and is now based in Los Angeles. She recently collaborated with Post Punk (Stefan Starbeck) who has produced alongside Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, and Jamiroquai to name a few. The Post Punk remix of her single “Spiderman” received several months of airplay on KROQ-FM, arguably the most influential alternative station in the country. Skofee has also collaborated with Dutch singer/songwriter/producer and Grammy nominee Cimo Fränkel on their single “Where Do You Hide Your Love” which saw support from KCRW and was featured on the A-list rotation of Amazing Radio USA. Her upcoming Joyland EP is set for release in late 2022.

Listen to the Alt-Pop Groove, “Wind Up Hero” Here


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