Solarrio’s Sentimental Voyage in the Melodic Past with “Forever”

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Solarrio, the musical alter ego of David Barenboim, invites listeners to embark on a nostalgic journey through time with his latest single, “Forever”. Born into a family of classical musicians, Solarrio’s unconventional musical trajectory has taken him from the stages of rock bands to becoming one of Germany’s most sought-after hip-hop producers. Now, under his solo project, Solarrio melds his diverse influences to create a distinct fusion of eighties-inspired synthpop, R&B, and funk.

Scheduled for release in spring 2024 on Playel Records, Solarrio’s forthcoming album, “All The Wrong Places” boasts a collection of tracks exemplifying Solarrio’s unique style, with the initial singles, “B the 1” and “NLF” featuring Holland Izz, already creating ripples in the music scene.

The recent addition to Solarrio’s musical repertoire, “Forever”, is a product of collaborative efforts and years of refinement. Initially tucked away on Solarrio’s hard drive, the instrumental found renewed life through co-writing with Craig Walker (Archive, Them There). The chorus underwent several metamorphoses before settling into its current form, and the incorporation of live saxophone elevated the track to unprecedented emotional heights.

Sharing insights into the creative process, Solarrio reflects, “This song feels like nostalgia. That one moment you want to hold on to for the rest of your life. It’s funny because looking back, we tend to remember the good things way more than the bad, as if the ‘good old days’ didn’t include many of the same problems we face now. But this song sounds and feels like a summer breeze on a beach or like your high school prom, haha.

“Forever” encapsulates the essence of a bygone era while infusing a fresh and modern twist. With its dreamy melodies and romantic undertones, the track promises to transport listeners to a world where time seems to stand still.

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