the moss Share Vivacious Rock Anthem “Insomnia”

Utah based four piece the moss have unleashed an explosive and wildy addicting new single. Called “Insomnia”, the indie rock single is the first of the year from this dynamic new rock band.

“Insomnia” details the feeling of falling so deep in love that you lose sense of normal functions in everyday life. Sleeping becomes hard, you lose your appetite and all you can think of is your new love. This intense and all consuming feeling is the soundtrack to “Insomnia”, a bittersweet track all about passion and its consequences. Sonically, “Insomnia” features sunny pop melodies, hard hitting bass as well as bright guitar riffs. The moss packs a punk with “Insomnia”, a song that truly lingers in the best way possible.

The moss began on the sunny shores of Hawaii by childhood friends Tyke James (vocals/guitar) and Addison Sharp (guitar). Soon completing the lineup were Brierton Sharp on bass and Willie Fowler on drums. Relocating to Salt Lake City, Utah, a stunning and drastically different landscape full of seasons, the moss began creating even more music with depth and reflection. Their thrilling live shows have led to bookings at well known festivals including the recent Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas. Check out “Insomnia” now and check out the spirited four piece on tour.

9/23 Flipside Fest, Garden City, ID

10/11 The Echo, Los Angeles, CA

10/29 Soundwell, Salt Lake City, UT


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