Beldon Haigh – Paper Tiger (Official Music Video)

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In the latest sonic narrative we take a dive into the realm of superficiality, illusory grandeur, the façade of ostensible power and invite listeners to peer beyond the glitzy veneer of virtual displays, urging a deeper exploration of reality lurking beneath the surface.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed on this video and made it such an enjoyable creative process. In particular. Willie Logan for another great edit and his appearance in the video, Nick Aiton DP, Dannielle Logan, Rosalind Bryning-MacLeod, Sarah Eve, Jock (the Box) MacMillan, Gerry Mc Farlane, Duggy Coulter, Fiona Lynch and Dru Baker. The costume department at Scottish Opera and Sharon and all at So Stylish for hair and make up and Matt from Manta Ray events for the casino set up.
And Jon Howells, Drums, Jimmy Green and Justin Skelton (Guitars) Kevin Jefferies on Bass and Justin and Fiona on vocals.

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