Jennifer Harper – “Beautiful Earth” (official music video)

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This video was created in California.
I wanted to capture the magical beauty of our planet and my feelings of connection, appreciation and love for nature.

Video Credits
Artist: Jennifer Harper
Filmmaker: Heather Seybolt
Make up/Hair: Stephen Bowman

Song Credits
Music and lyrics: Jennifer Harper
Vocals: Jennifer Harper
Backing vocals: Jennifer Harper
Keyboard: Jennifer Harper
Synth strings (viola, violin, cello, bass) bass, drums and percussion: Matt Anthony
Produced by: Matt Anthony
Mixed and Mastered: Dave Darlington, Bass Hit Studio NYC

Story Behind the Song:

Love and respect for the earth was nurtured in me from a young age. It was the 70’s. Songs like Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell had a profound influence on me. When I heard her perform in DC, switching up the lyrics to raise awareness at a No Nukes rally – I knew right then my biggest dream was to create music with meaning. Music that had the potential to motivate social change.

I’ve been involved in environmental protection in one way or another for as long as I can remember. I’ve raised my children with awareness as I am very conscious about what I buy and what I eat. We live a non-toxic lifestyle. I am always asking myself what more can we do to make an impact?

When I began writing “Beautiful Earth” it was the new moon. I had just participated in an intimate group online where we “activated our timelines” for our highest good and the highest good of all. It was a new experience and I joined in with an open mind and heart. The energy shifted something in me in an inexplicable way. Not long after, I found myself sobbing in gratitude. For the gifts I was given. For the universe always providing. For the act of expressing gratitude itself and being in co-creation with the universe.

I began to write poetry about what I was calling in on this new moon. Strength. Joy. Trust. Truth. As I brought it to the piano to turn it into music, I wanted to expand this idea beyond my personal desires. I explored my visions for our collective “highest timeline”. The answer came easily – connection to the earth. Healing our relationship with Gaia.

The words did not need to be complicated.
Beautiful earth
Mother Earth

I let my spirit guide me on the piano feeling into Mother Earths cries. Feeling my cries for her and the healing we all need to see us through this transformational time in history. Knowing that as I heal myself and we heal collectively – it will be reflected back to us in the health of the planet. This is the deep work we must do.

I had someone observe that certain melody lines seemed very heavy for what they perceived to be a joyous song. But I trusted the sounds coming through from the frequency I tapped into. It felt like standing on a mountain top with a big incantation to Mother Earth.

I loved co-creating with my producer Matt Anthony – coming up with a very cinematic sound to match how I felt. I do hope the song can further conservation efforts in some way. That would be my childhood dream come true. For my highest good and the highest good of all.

Calling in strength
Trusting truth
Calling in beauty
Known by the moon

Daring to dream
Seeing rebirth
Calling in connection
To this beautiful earth
Beautiful earth

Mother Earth

Calling in joy
Feeling free
Calling in courage
To take the lead

Daring to dream
Seeing rebirth
Calling in the healing
Of this beautiful earth
Beautiful earth

Mother Earth

Visions washing over me
Living in a world I believe in
Everything is green
Rivers running clean

Mother Earth

Beautiful Earth

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