Aiela mends her Broken Pieces with a New Single

With her last release landing on a Spotify Editorial playlist, New Music Friday, and receiving coverage in a variety of blogs and publications, Aiela Angela, a singer-songwriter who is known for the stories behind her music, continues to pave way into the saturated pop scene. Aiela delves into indie and contemporary pop music with her new release, “Broken Pieces,” as she seamlessly blurs the lines between a variety of styles.

With her catchy melodies and expressive lyrics, Aiela Angela, who draws inspiration from pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, breaks through the jam-packed pop scene. From her comforting vocals and imaginative concepts to the production quality, Aiela Angela does not disappoint if you like today’s pop music.


“Broken Pieces”, a track produced by Machua Touchez, is a great introduction to a world of sonic possibilities and new ideas. The production style is incredibly clear and punchy, yet so detailed and nuanced, which makes the vibe extremely soul-stirring. Aiela’s heartwarming vocals set the seal on the emotional connection between the artist and the listeners. “Broken Pieces” is surely something you’d enjoy if you happen to be a fan of Dua Lipa, Dead Rituals, Clairo and Daughter. There’s not a single surprise if “Broken Pieces” will be the next big thing to hit your power rotation! 

Find out more about Aiela Angela, and do not miss out on “Broken Pieces” out now. 

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