Lyra Star Shows Us Her Scars in Profoundly Transcendent Electro Indie-Folk/Pop Single, “Scars”

LOS ANGELES (Apr, 14 2023) –  Lyra Star, our ethereal contortionist and renowned mystical movement artist, sprinkles a bit of magic amongst her performance art to the celestial tune of her own original Electronic Indie-Folk/Pop music.  Fearlessly, Star follows her tenacious inner voice, drawing on profoundly personal lyrics and transcendent melodies, to craft a beautifully dreamy, transmundane sound all her own.

Today marks the stellar release of Lyra Star’s beautifully transformative single, “Scars.”  Written during the bleak, apocalyptic 2020 pandemic and natural disasters in California, the inspirational title track drops April 14 2023 and reminds us that we do not have to bask in the darkness, but have the capability to find and create beauty in even the most dire circumstances.  Lush harmonies carry pulsing electronic sounds along an atmospheric soundscape just as gold foil softly trails along Star’s skin like beautiful scars that tell a story deep beyond what is seen on the surface.

“Scars” took on a new meaning when, just months after it was written, Lyra Star had an intense medical scare; a melanoma was found on her skin, and although it was caught early and removed, it left a massive three inch scar on her back and forced her to stop her contortion temporarily.  This was a further reminder that, whether physical or emotional, we are all united by scars, still we have the ability to realize our unity, choose self-empowerment over despair, and collectively rise up out of the darkness.

Listen to “Scars” 

Since moving to LA, Lyra Star has released five singles, including a moody cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Red House,” and her debut album, A Thousand Dreams, of which her music video “Moonrise” was selected for the LA Independent Women’s Film Awards.  Star has performed in world renowned venues including TRiP Santa Monica’s TRiPTease Burlesque, Attitude Lounge Beverly Hills, Bar Sinister’s Femme Domme Fatale, and has been featured in Amplify Music Magazine , Buzz Music LA, Cliché Magazine,  and Indie Band Guru.

Lyra will be performing with Lola Boutee Presents at Byblo’s in Westwood on Apr 7, 2023 and is gearing up for her release party to follow the big EP drop.

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