Chris Shiflett and Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo Talk About His Influences, Blue Strat and Effect Pedal Preferences

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(Nashville, TN) August 2, 2023 – In EP 2 of the SHRED WITH SHIFTY podcast, Chris Shiflett is joined by buddy Rivers Cuomo of Weezer as they talk about everything from Yngwie, Phish, and the outro solo to “Only in Dreams” off the Blue album. 

Cuomo walks Shifty through the infamous “Only in Dreams” solo lick by lick. There’s the sequence of octaves high up on the neck, colored by an unexpectedly placed major 7th chord … and Cuomo’s vibrato, which reminds Chris of Brian May. What shapes a guitarist’s vibrato? “Must have something to do with your nerves between your brain and your fingers,” Cuomo says. 

He also shares that he doesn’t use effect pedals in his playing, which may come as a surprise to some Weezer fans. For his tones on the band’s famous debut album, he went straight into his

amp, and the only effect heard on that record, he says, was a bit of delay on the swells in “Only in Dreams.” 

Don’t miss the jam packed episode with Chris Shiflett and Rivers Cuomo as they discuss musical influences, go to guitar store licks, licks and so much more. Watch the entire episode on and get ready to be inspired by two incredible musicians. 

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More About Chris Shiflett 

For more than 25 years, Chris Shiflett has blurred the lines between genre and generation, balancing his full-band projects with a thriving solo career. Named “Americana’s biggest rockstar” by Rolling Stone, Shiflett has played a crucial role in shaping the sound and scope of modern-day rock music as a longtime member of the Foo Fighters. 

He’s also an alum of California-based punk rock bands No Use For a Name and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Shiflett’s latest releases refocus his attention on a mix of country twang and rock & roll bang, showcasing the full range of his musical abilities. Listen to “Black Top White Lines and “Dead And Gone” now, and stay tuned for a forthcoming full-length album announcement later this summer. 


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