Liv Hanna Kicks Off the Spring with “crazy”

This is Liv Hanna’s year, and she is showcasing that with “crazy.” “crazy” is Liv Hanna’s first song of this year. Fans will rejoice as the song has that distinctive, classic Liv Hanna sound. “crazy” is an Alt-Pop, Dark Pop song, but has flairs of different subgenres of Pop. Liv Hanna’s profound, resonating songwriting and emotive, canorous singing shine in “crazy.”

“crazy” is about how love can make people crazy. The record is about being in a toxic relationship and the intricacies of wanting to stay, but knowing when to leave. “You know that the relationship isn’t healthy, but also don’t want to quite let go of that chaos and the life that you live when you are with that person,” Liv Hanna states.

The 20-year-old Pop singer-songwriter is wise beyond her years, which is evident through her songwriting within “crazy.” The masterful production by budding producer Sam Merkan enhances the record and elevates Liv Hanna’s sound. The piano-laced instrumental and Liv Hanna’s insane vocal range make “crazy” a must-listen. “crazy” is only the first in the series of singles that Liv Hanna has scheduled for release this year. Listeners would have to be crazy not to love “crazy.”

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