Singer-songwriter Allen Dobb shares life-spanning songs on ‘Alone Together’

After more than a decade long retreat from recording and performing, singer/songwriter Allen Dobb has returned with a new album. Alone Together is a collection of ten original songs drawn from characters, stories, and landscapes that are part of Dobb’s experience working as a range management specialist in the interior of British Columbia. It’s also a reflection of traveling the globe, following his dreams, and connecting with his roots.

 For the album’s title track, “Alone Together,” Allen wanted to write about the romance of a fictitious couple who are really tuned in to each other and ready to leave the quiet and lonely town behind.

“I was playing outside in the evening a lot because it was early summer,” says Allen. Part of the lyrical inspiration for the song came from this incredible scene… “just up the hill from where I live, the male nighthawks were creating their fluttering boom sounds with their wings as they were swooping to the ground. This is part of their mating ritual, and for me the nighthawks just added to the romance for this couple in the song.” 

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