The DT’s deliver rock n’ roll goodness with “All In My Head”

Venturing from the heart of Central Jersey emerges the enigmatic duo, the dt’s, spearheaded by the talents of David Cacciatore and Tom Losito. Far from conforming to musical norms, these maestros defy classification, wielding an arsenal of instruments including guitar, bass, drums, and piano. The origin story unfurls in the gritty charm of a local bar’s open mic, transforming into a cross-country odyssey before officially adopting the moniker the dt’s in the dawn of 2020. Driven by an innate craving for a creative rebirth, the duo found their sanctuary within home studios, embarking on a sonic journey of collaboration, songwriting, and DIY recording. Immerse yourself in the magic of their live shows, where genre boundaries dissolve, and the dt’s seamlessly traverse the sonic spectrum from rock and blues to power pop.

In their latest auditory escapade, “All In My Head,” the dt’s unfurl a mesmerizing tapestry of swirling instrumentation, marking their ascension with an undeniable cool factor.

At the core of their sonic alchemy lies a modern pop ethos intertwined with a rich tapestry of vintage influences. The dt’s, unafraid to flirt with experimentation, infuse their compositions with a harmonic synergy that pays homage to their shared love for pushing musical boundaries. The unveiling of their debut EP, “You With Me,” in the early echoes of 2022, became a local and regional sensation, while the intoxicating single “Refresh” in the latter part of 2022 cemented their status as sonic trailblazers. As the duo preps for a 2023 release, the air buzzes with anticipation, promising another chapter in the dt’s sonic saga—a testament to their unwavering commitment to the art of musical evolution.

In the kaleidoscopic realm of the dt’s, pop sensibilities collide with an indie spirit, resulting in a sonic cocktail that captivates the soul. Their unique blend of vintage inspiration and modern flair sets the stage for a musical journey where each note is a brushstroke on the canvas of sonic exploration. Dive into the enigmatic world of the dt’s, where the lines between genres blur, and the music pulses with an authentic, indie heartbeat. As the duo readies their sonic arsenal for the imminent release in 2023, the indie music landscape braces for the next wave of the dt’s distinctive sonic tsunami—a harmonious rebellion that continues to redefine the indie music narrative.


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