Om Shira – HEAL (feat. Riosentí)

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If you found this, it’s probably meant to be…💚


Why Heal? This song is a multidimensional hologram, revealing different facets of ourselves with each ray of light. It’s a call to listen to our inner voice for healing, even when it seems impossible in an increasingly complex world. While largely autobiographical, HEAL is a vessel of countless stories and emotions encountered on Om’s profound journey. It invites us to trust in our inner power. A song as universal as the need for true (self-)love, reflecting not necessarily what one desires, but what one truly needs. “Heal my little friend – sitting in my chest like a bird…”

Fifteen artists from three continents were involved in the elaborate creation of this artwork. The release of HEAL on May 19, 2023, will be accompanied by an unplugged concert that will make fans’ hearts beat faster. Om Shira’s music and lyrics are like a warm nest that guides us safely through the darkness and inspires us to heal.

Aline Novaro (Fem. Vocals)
Josué Avalos (Guitars)
Ryan Carniaux (Trumpet)
Daniëlle Uriël (Harp)
Om Shira (Lead Vocals, All Other Instruments)

For more details about the film crew in Iran and Germany check the credits at the end of this video.

Om Shira & The Exile Orchestra is a musical project that takes you on a journey through the depths of the human experience. The collective, led by Om Shira, is known for their unique “Holy Desert Funk”, blending world music, inspirational lyrics, and electronic beats, creating a style that is truly their own.
Om Shira, the lead vocalist and founder of the group, was born in Iran and raised in Germany. His multicultural background is reflected in his music, as he draws from a variety of musical traditions to create something new and captivating.
The Exile Orchestra is made up of a diverse group of talented artists from all over the world, bringing their own unique perspectives and spirits into the project. Included in the collective there are not only musicians, but also visual artists, dancers, costume- and stage-designers.

Om Shira & The Exile Orchestra (fka Mr. Shirazy) has released several concept albums and singles over the years, each one telling a story and taking the listener on a trip. Their music is deeply rooted in themes of love, spirituality, and the human experience, exploring both the light and dark sides of life.



Om Shira & The Exile Orchestra
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +178-6295778

Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

HEAL – Lyrics:

Heal my little friend
Sitting in my chest, like a bird
Heal my little friend
Sitting in my chest, like a bird

You sit at my side, in my darkest nights
You walk with me through the forests, when i´m blue and sad

Heal my little friend
Sitting in my chest, like a bird x 2

You swim with me through the oceans
You climb with me over the mountains
You trip with me through the desert
You fly with me to the moon and back

Heal my little friend
Sitting in my chest, like a bird x2

Fly fly fly high & higher
Over the mountains, over the deserts, over the fields
You´re free to glide in cycles, in circles, in spirals

Dive and feel it, so you can heal it
Get down to feel it, so you can heal it

I´m the fire, i´m the power, i´m the breathe,
the the wind, the rain, the storm i will stand
i´m here, waiting for you, till you come back home cold and tired,

I make you a nest
I’ll keep you warm
I blow your crest
keep you tight in my arms
I’ll be singing for you
To the beat of your heart
Till you fall asleep and start to dream
The dream of healing

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