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Introducing “Free” by Connie Lansberg – a song ten years in the making, finally brought to life with the perfect alignment of musicians and cosmic timing. This beautiful composition, which combines Connie’s talents in energy healing, music, and the Akashic Records, holds a powerful message for the world.

On March 20, 2023, the Equinox marked a pivotal moment for humanity as a new operating system with divine source energy codes was gifted to all. However, not everyone was prepared to receive and utilize these codes smoothly. That’s where “Free” comes in.

Connie’s voice carries a unique frequency that anchors the new codes, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your manifestations without glitches. With just one listen, you can activate these powerful energies and elevate your connection with the Divine Source.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary musical experience. Let Connie Lansberg’s “Free” be the soundtrack to your transformation, as you unlock the full potential of the new codes and embrace a life of abundance and liberation. Get ready to put this captivating song on repeat and let its magic uplift your spirit.

She doesn’t need special music or sounds because the frequency in her words and voice are all that’s needed. Over on Bandcamp,

(, she tells you the energy of what each original and standard song is moving.

You can listen to all of Connie’s songs on her special playlist, for free, here.

releases April 6, 2023
Connie Lansberg Writer/arranger/producer
Mark Fitzgibbon Piano/co-arranger
Ben Hanlon Double bass
Peter Hodges Drums

I see you dancing in the street
Above the clouds in your own mind
I see your spirit fly on dusty feet
Can you hear the wind through the trees
Call my name – call your needs
Can you hear my words whispered on the breeze

How did you learn to be so wild and free
Will you teach me –
will you teach me
Can you Take me,
I need to be free

I see a road, you see a journey
I feel your heavy load,
I see you turn to me
With open arms and open heart
And you ask me, shall we make a start

I feel you dancing in my heart
Through my fears into the light
You see through the dark that makes me blind
Can you feel my hand touching yours
Holding tight, don’t let go
I want to fly with you as your spirit soars

How did you learn to be
so wild and free
Will you teach me –
will you teach me
Can you Take me,
I need to be free

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