YANK$ Releases the New Underdog Anthem of the Year: “Big Dawg Underdawg”

It’s all gas, no breaks for YANK$ — after the release of his three-part EP project Slaps Vol. 1, the young recording artist is continuing the momentum with his newest anthem, “Big Dawg Underdog” on all digital streaming platforms today.

The bi-coastal rapper, whose roots trace to both New York City and Los Angeles, has managed to combine the worlds of both coasts and resonate with fans on a global scale. “Big Dawg Underdawg” is the prime example in what makes YANK$ an artist for the people; through its blistering production and heavy-hearted flow the motivational track’s core message serves as a reminder that we should never back down, but push harder. In this power anthem YANK$ keeps the haters in check — it’s time to let the underdog bark back:

“‘Big Dawg Underdawg’ takes that chip on your shoulder and turns it into fuel for the battle to the top. There is no better feeling than making something out of nothing and turning your greatest tests into victories. This track is adrenaline personified and ambition realized. ‘Big Dawg Underdawg’ is the anthem for big games and even bigger moments. Underdogs world wide will find their stride and home with this inspiring record!” – YANK$

YANK$ affinity for music was always clear but it wasn’t until he stumbled into a friend’s studio, after a wild college party, that he realized what he wanted to give the world: his music. In 2017, he released his first EP, self-titled, YANK$, that peaked press interest, garnered local and international acclaim, and is still a huge success among his growing fan base. The EP is imbued with stylistic finesse, a sound that is unapologetically carefree. YANK$ emblematic quirky and energetic flow is a beacon for listeners searching for something uniquely “theirs” in the crowded hip-hop scene. Growing up with his mother in Los Angeles and father in New York, YANK$ draws his influences from each city. This exposure makes him a compound mixture of the wavy, smooth, and chill vibes from the west while also bringing the lyrical precision, and moxie from the east. YANK$ contributions to the music world includes countless singles, a full-length project in 2018 titled The Confirmation, and four additional EPs (The Moment, To Be Continued 1 and 2, and the Slaps Vol 1). YANK$’s music is also featured on NBA 2K22, ESPN, the hit Netflix show Raising Dion, HBO, Clif Bar, CBS and more.

Be sure to stream the new single by YANK$, “Big Dawg Underdawg”, on all DSPs today.


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